Photo: D. Kearney

Views From South First Bridge Next To Launching Dock

Up Close And Personal With ATX's Best NYE Light Show

January 3, 2019

In case you missed it, we've grouped Austin's 2018 New Years Eve firework show into 4 videos for you to enjoy.  Happy New Year, ATX!

Easily our favorite of the night, the 'whistler' fireworks were as much fun to hear as to see.

If you zoomed in your camera too closely into the fireworks, chances are, you could be hypnotized.

Seeing tha actual boat dock from where the fireworks were propelled gave us chills.

The fireworks rose higher and higher into the sky - as Austinites many miles from us were also seeing a great show.

Big shout out to The City of Austin, The Austin Convention Center, and all those that made a great family-friendly night possible.