Snupe Bloggy Blog: Get Your 15 (Thanksgiving)

Snupe Talks Gratitude on the Most Thankful of Thursdays

November 28, 2019
Snupe Daniel Talks Being 85% Happy

It's the most Thankful of Thursdays of the Year!  Turkey Day has ascended upon the ATX, starting with the Turkey Trot this morning.  I had a crazy start to my Thanksgiving, so took the opportunity to do a well-overdue blog.  This was completely off the top of my head, and I didn't have a plan when I hit record. But this is what came out, and its probably the realest thing I've said all 2019 long.

What percent happy are you at right now?  I'm hoping its at least over 50%. The holidays are tricky, because they can bring you an extreme of both joy and woe.  Depending on your situation.  Feel free to post a reply to this blog on our Facebook, or you can email me or hop into my Twitter DM's.  

Cheers to a great weekend ahead.  Go get your other 15% to make yourself completely happy!  However you gotta do it, do it.