Snupe Bloggy Blog (Wednesday, September 11)

Being Thankful On A Somber Day

September 11, 2019

9/11.  A day that evokes so many memories.  Without giving too much away about my age, I was an employed young fella working at Blockbuster in Downtown Dallas.  I had aspirations of one day being a radio jock.  As I watched the events unfold, I truly thought the world was evil.  I felt that the country was headed for a terrible war-ridden turn.  The economy went into the trash, and the pop world was darkened.  Fast forward 18 years ahead, and I'm more thankful than ever.  I got that radio job.  I worked my way to Austin.  I love America.  

As someone adopted from a poor country (Philipines) by a military family as an infant, I've always felt lucky to be in the United States.  Its given me opportunities (and health benefits) that I would have never known.  The people.  The music.  The fashion.  The culture.  And while I will "never forget", I am forever greatful for this great nation.  

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