Austin-area malls close at 7pm tonight

Major Outlet Fun Stops Closing 7pm Wednesday

Another Domino Falls In the COVID-19 Fallout

March 18, 2020

For those that know me personally, this hits where it hurts.  I spend more time at Barton Creek Mall than the average mall rat.  Its in the same neighborhood at HOT 959 studios, and it has a little of everything!  Places to eat.  Sushi.  Panda Express.  Cheesecake Factory.  Places to shop.  Finish Line.  Forever 21.  Lids.  Express.  Places to socialize.  Starbucks.  Pinkberry.  I could go on, but let's get to the point.

With this announcement, at time of this article posting, we have less than 3 hours to hit up the local malls. But with the current climate, do we even want to risk it?  I'm thinking....but all joking aside, shout out to Simon Malls for bringing me so much joy through the years.  You never know what you got until its gone.