Aaliyah Still Lives, And Is Forever 21

Popular clothing line showcasing the legendary Aaliyah

March 12, 2019

I have long been a member of the Aaliyah Haughton fan club, since Day One.  So to see one of the most popular clothing chains among the young (and folks who still like to portray youth) has 'Baby Girl' highlighted among their clothing line.   Granted, its not the first time they've honored her (F21 also featured Aaliyah on shirts in 2017).

Approaching nearly 25 years since she stepped on the scene, she's still the hot girl.

I was a tad heartbroke that they didn't have any Aaliyah gear in the Men's section (or maybe they do, and it was sold out).  But I was proud to see Aaliyah being so prominently placed.  Can I share my low-key all-time Aaliyah song?  Its from the 'Romeo Must Die' soundtrack.