SXSW 2019: Day Zero (Early Badge Pick Ups)

The Official Start Date is the 8th, But the ATX Is Filling Up Now

March 6, 2019

Before I jump into this blog, can we admire how beautiful our city is?  This is just a 12 second shot driving into the Downtown area on an incredible looking Wednesday.

I say this every year!  SXSW is the best Austin-festival of the year (shout out to ACL Fest, JMBLYA, Float Fest, ect.)  Its various nature (film, interactive, education, music) allows you to fulfull every interactive/entertainment desire in your bones.  The networking opportunities are endless.  And it all begins (sorta) today.  

© D. Kearney - Relatable Laney Photography

Contrary to years prior, SX goers were able to pick up their badges on Wednesday (a full day earlier than previous years).  And there were no shortage of people taking advantage.  

Almost immediately, I spotted the bright orange/pink lanyards belonging to the SXSW EDU folks.  Might I say, they are the most impressive of the bunch.  I am truly grateful for the Platinum badge and all it allows me access to (basically everything - its worth buying all the way up to Platinum if you wanna go and experiene it full speed).  But the Edu hipster looking lanyards wins my early favorite vote.



 Of course ran into my good friend Greg Meador, and he's rockin' the flyer neon lanyard.  One upped this time, Greg.  Seriously, if you are from Austin, this is where you bump into ALL KINDS of folks you haven't seen in years.  SXSW brings the world out, and Austin's around to witness it.  

 Here is the official platinum badge, which I'm digging the most over the last few years.  The silver and black is a nice clean look - and loving bold font.  Great job guys!  Oh - best of all.  This was the first time of me hearing about it being an option.  Folks are able to upload their badge photo via the SXSW Go App (highly suggest downloading it).  You skip the time hassle of them having to take a photo of you at the registration table.  

 SXSW always comes through with the celebratory spirits.  This handy drink ticket was given to platinum badge holders - and will surely come in handly if I'm feeling social anxiety.  Us creative types tend to be shy at times.--

 Pro tip: when coming to pick up your badge, enter from the Cesar Chavez entrance - because you'll need to go to Ballroom B to get your badge.  If you come in on the Red River side (near Fairmont), you'll find yourself treking around the spacious Austin Convention Center to reach your destination.  Now, you'll see some great exhibit/workshops to visit along the way - just know you won't be getting in without a badge.  So happy steps, and get registered! (Bring valid picture I.D., or they won't be able to issue the badge).