Snupe Bloggy Blog: Guava Island Review

Amazon Prime Scores A Hit With Gambino/Rih Rih Collab

May 14, 2019

Before I get into my review, check out this great excerpt from Guava Island where Glover is serenading Ms. Rihanna.

Ok, here's my "NO SPOILERS" review of Amazon Prime's latest gem.

Wanna talk about villans?? Forget about the Night King.  This guy is awful.

Donald's music talent and stand out personality really take center stage in this wonderful movie.

I will say this...I loved how the community rallied around radio.  One of the true final mediums that can surpass roadblocks to deliver the truth.

I am still bitter she isn't putting out new music (focusing on her fashion career).  But after watching the movie, you'll agree - this is what Rih Rih was built to do.