HOT First Concert Featuring Ice Cube

The Actor/Emcee Legend Blessed HOT with First Concert

March 18, 2019

Before even getting started on this blog, let's highlight one of the coolest moments ever.  One our listeners got to give Ice Cube some dap!!!

Thanks for making HOT 959's first concert extra HOT!!  We had a great time doing it big with you, bringing the legendary ICE CUBE to ACL LIVE-MOODY THEATER.

HOT squad was on the scene first, welcoming our winners from on-air giveaways.  Special thank you to Alannah & Omar

I absolutely love ACL Live-Moody Theater as a venue, because there isn't a bad seat in the house.

Listener Bridget was one of the first to arrive, and got a great floor view of "Craig from Friday" in action.

Big thank you to every one who showed up to celebrate with us!  If you have photos/videos from the show, share them with us via Facebook, Twitter, or email them to