Snupe Bloggy Blog: Monday Motivation (July 15)

Motivational Gems To Help You Through Day One

July 15, 2019

Motivation comes in so many different shapes and forms.  But sometimes, its tough to find any.  It feels like Friday just wrapped up, and now there's another 40 hour work week to grind through.  You might be a little under the weather.  You might be going through a bad breakup.  No one is going to pay your bills for you.  So get to reading below, and let's try to make this week a good one.

You only live once.  So good or bad, we gotta make this count.

I've always found list helpful.  Like a map that tells you EXACTLY where to go and what to do.  The simple practice of writing stuff down can help propel your week in a positive manner.

What a novel idea.  Be nice and helpful to others, and it will affect you in a positive way.  The Golden Rule.

We all have to work (unless we're trust fund babies, or won the lotto).  A great source of motivation (or lack thereof) depends on our work enviroment.  

Last but not least, the faith aspect.  To be honest, I am not as spiritual as I once was, but I am in agreement that there is a higher power.  Sometimes, you may have to trust in things you can't see (the true definition of faith).  You have to hold onto the thought that things will turn around - and you'll feel better - more motivated.

What is helping you get through your own Manic Monday?  I'd love to hear from you via email ( or on social media (@snupedaniel)