Favorite Hot Dog Toppings - National Hot Dog Day

National Hot Dog Day Has Us Thinking Garnishment

July 17, 2019

They have a 'National Day' for just about everything.  But 'National Hot Dog Day' is one I can fully support - it being one of my favorite foods!  Now a good hot dog is all about the toppings.  For me, I like 3 sauces (Mustard, Ketchup and Mayo). Of the 3, mustard is king.  I also recently started to love relish - which i hated as a kid.  But it doesn't stop there.  What other toppings do we have?  Well, jalepenos for starters - I love a spicy dog.  Throw some onions on top for flavor.  That's really all I could "muster" at 7-11 earlier today - because they had no cheese or chilli (or they had run out from a lunch overflow today).

So what are your favorite hot dog toppings?  And what kind of franks are your favorite to eat?  Do you buy them at the store or at a restaurant.  Talk Dogs to me!  Email snupe@hot959austin.com or chime in with us on social media @SnupeDaniel and @Hot959Austin