OVO Tour Line Up Revealed, Throwback Dream List

Old Schoolers Rejoiced, New Schoolers Wept

July 11, 2019

I don't think anyone was expecting this.  Drake and crew announced the 2019 OVO Tour Line Up earlier today, as fans feverishly predicted who would show on social media.  

A Throwback Show!  No over-current artist other than Drake, and I can respect it.  On our Hot 959 airwaves, most of the artist we play have had their hey-day run.  Our main three "current day" stars are Rihanna, Beyonce' and Drake.  In ways, he's a major bridge from the "newer" old school (2000s-2009).  No one from the present day OVO label in on the bill. Check out some of the responses to the line up.

This line up in right in my wheel house.  I feel Lloyd is super underrated.  And this would def be my favorite song to hear at the show.

All this being said, the concert takes place in Toronto.  And unless I win the lotto, I'm not heading to ABIA for Toronto anytime soon.