A Look At The World On A Tuesday April 16

April 16, 2019


Goin' up, on Tuesday.  That once was a good song, and feels like it should almost be a throwback, but that was indeed just five years ago (not quite a throwback, maybe in 2024 it will be on our airwaves).

Each day of my bloggy blog, I'll start by shouting out the people who are celebrating their glow day.  And today's biggest is one of mixed emotions.  Think of all the things you have done over the last 24 years.  Not 24 hours, years.  The things you've learned.  The goals you've accomplished.  The legendary Selena celebrates her birthday today - her life taken away in 1995.  Thanks for the reminder, Uncle Fred.

So the guy who was "too short to play in the NFL" from Stanford is now the highest paid player in the NFL.  Husband of singer Ciarra, Wilson received a four year, $140M extension!  As you can see below, they are happy.

So the world is about to get a Playstation 5.  I come from the days of 8-bit NES systems.  Alot has changed in three decades.

Last but not least, happy April 16th birthday shout out to my people Keyshawn Somerville and Lauren Manuel!!!

Cheers #tgif

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Snoop Bloggy Blog, out (for Tuesday).  Keep lookin' up, that's where it all is.