Snupe Bloggy Blog: Monday Motivation (August 12)

Monday Blues? Us, too.

August 12, 2019

Well, how was your weekend?  Are you feeling down?  Before I try to drown your Monday Blues with motivational tweets - I want to share this really cool moment with one of our core artist (Janet Jackson).  This kinda made my day.

Now back to me.

This has been emotional rollercoaster Summer for me.  But instead of dumping my complaints on you, I'm going to attempt to do the positive thing.  Spread a my favorite 'Monday Motivational' tweets of the day.  Starting with my bro, Snoopy.

I had a sincere chuckle at Donnie Wahlberg's post.  And I really like the actionable steps of the 3rd Monday post.  Counting your blessings is the best way to understand what you have - right behind losing a blessing.  

If you are having a tough day, lemme know about it!  It could make me, or you (or heck, us both) feel better.  You can slide into my DMs on Twitter @snupedaniel or be old fashioned and email me:   We're gonna get through this Monday, I promise.  Tuesday's already looking sexier.