Operation: SX Snupe Scoot, A Failure

Still Dozens of Pedestrian/Scooter Incidents All Week

March 18, 2019

A known scooter-pesimist, I decided to put my narrow frame of mind aside and try to ride scooters (where legally allowed by the city) during SXSW.

 This picture is what drove me to make the decision.  A sea of red lights on Day Zero of SX.  Would I spend more time in traffic than I would inside of venues?  The bumper to bumper got tiresome with the quickness.

 So after you navigate your way through thousands of angry drivers, you have to pay a king's ransom to park.  Full disclosure, heck no I didn't pay the above price.

Since I had already downloaded Lyft on my phone, I decided to give a Lyft bike my first try.  Unfortunantly, it must have taken major damage before I hopped on - because I couldn't make the thing drive a straight line to save my life.  After almost colliding with an elderly woman, and nearly falling over from lack of control - I probably participated in the shortest scooter ride in history.  I had swore off ever trying it again.

After 7 days of intense walking - and slowly developing sore feet, I caved and gave scooting one last try.

Operation: U.Y. Snupey had finally taken off.  But to be honest, I never truly got comfortable.  I always felt like the handles were dirty and greasey.  Scooters are probably not for me.  But I won't rule out ever using one again.  As the weather heats up later in March and into the Spring, you might catch me flying down 5th Street between the West Sixth and Dirty Sixth areas.