Snupe Daniel

Back In The Day, We Used Conventional Way To Get By

Those of us who were raised in the 60s, 70s, 80s and (too a greater extent) the 90s - we lived in a charmed time. An era of sans cell phones and internet. We were still addicted to phones. Phone booths on every corner, and a phone line (sometimes 2, for a love-crush teen) in every home. But when...
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Above The Rim Soundtrack Turns 25: A Review

25 years old! The movie was good, but the soundtrack (in my opinion) is the best all-time. The year was 1994, and Death Row Records ruled the urban music scene (don't tell Bad Boy Records that). This soundtrack holds SO MANY memories for me. So many in fact, its inspired me to do this rather...
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Operation: SX Snupe Scoot, A Failure

A known scooter-pesimist, I decided to put my narrow frame of mind aside and try to ride scooters (where legally allowed by the city) during SXSW. This picture is what drove me to make the decision. A sea of red lights on Day Zero of SX. Would I spend more time in traffic than I would inside of...
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95-Minute Commercial Free HOT Lunch - HOT 95.9 Austin

95-Minute Commercial Free HOT Lunch

Each weekday the new HOT 95.9 is now supersizing your throwbacks with the 95-minute commercial free HOT LUNCH. 95 minutes of back-to-back throwbacks… all commercial FREE. Weekdays at 11:45 with SNUPE DANIEL ! Tune in and keep your lunch HOT.
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Selena Is Here To Stay In The ATX

Anything for Selenas! This rings true here in the ATX as Mala Vida has come through in the SXSW clutch. Right before our city is invaded by thousands of out-of-towners, they'll get some Selena eye candy when in the I-35/Sixth Street area. Go to @malavidaaustin and check out the new Selena mural...
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SXSW 2019: Day Zero (Early Badge Pick Ups)

Before I jump into this blog, can we admire how beautiful our city is? This is just a 12 second shot driving into the Downtown area on an incredible looking Wednesday. it begins #SXSW2019 — Hot 95.9 Austin (@Hot959Austin) March 6, 2019 I say this every year! SXSW is the...
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Throwback Station Reuniting Old Friends

We are Austin's Throwback Station! So its incredible that we are able to bring back two of Austin's top personalities from the 2000s urban scene. Do you remember when DJ 2DQ and Snupe Daniel (known as 'Snoop' then) were running things at the Beat 1043? Fast forward 15 years, they are the main ones...
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Snupe Birthday: My First NBA Game

What a great time I had for my *23rd birthday!! First off, bae lied. She said we were visiting a bed and breakfast in Bastrop as we headed from the HOT studio in Westlake down East on Highway 71. Once we entered Elgin, I joked that she had driven too far - but she played it off. By the time we...
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Fox 7 & Snupe To Break Down Empire Season Reboot

-- Empire Season Five will return after Spring Break 2019. --Stay tuned as our afternoon host Snupe Daniel joins "Good Day Austin" to talk about the post-Jussie Smollett era and storyline speculations. -- Always love having you on! — Lauren Petrowski (@LaurenOnFOX7) February...
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